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How’s Harry dance through the heartbreak on ‘Skeleton’

How’s Harry are rising stars of the indie scene. Hailing from the South East and being self proclaimed hard workers, the band are on track for good things. New single ‘Skeleton’ is their most promising yet and the perfect release just before they go on tour with Youth Club.

The song is a new side to How’s Harry, it’s still the dark pop they’ve always been making but it’s taking on new elements. Where the band’s songs typically play with one mood, the lyrics matching the song but here’s there’s a deliberate clash. The chorus is bursting with life with a melodic, bouncy guitar part.

‘Skeleton’ is about a breakup and the pain that’s left behind afterwards and there’s clever little bits of wordplay weaved into the lyrics. All the intricacies are what make this song come alive and the immediacy is what gives it some bite.

Listen to ‘Skeleton’ here, have a dance and be sure to catch them on tour with Youth Club this month.

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