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Introducing: Only Sun

With new single ‘Happiness (All My Friends)’ out now it seemed fitting to have a chat to rising talent of the indie scene, Only Sun. The band are full of feel good songs, big personalities and even bigger riffs. We talked to them about their 12 songs in 12 months plan, headlining stages at Oxjam and their last single ‘What A State’.

Can you introduce the band for lesser equipped readers?

We’re Only Sun an Indie-pop band from High Wycombe who don’t take themselves all that seriously. My name is Ed, I’m the rhythm guitarist. Thanks for chatting to us!

You’ve been doing a 12-month, song a month campaign this year. what made you want to take on a big project like this?

We’ve always been quite ambitious in everything we do; this idea suited our love for writing songs and being in the studio, so it just seemed like a great challenge. It’s been a big old slog and at times it’s been really daunting but we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and we’ve enjoyed seeing our progression throughout.

‘What A State’ is the newest one, how did that song come about?

‘What A State’ was one of those songs that fell into place in less than an hour. I had the idea for the intro drum fill, verse riff and chorus instrumental from earlier this year with a vocal line and the working title ‘Summertime in the City’. I couldn’t progress the idea past the basics and pretty much forgot about it up until two days before we went back into the studio.

We got into the studio and it was pretty much an hour from when I had shown the guys the blue prints to it being a fully formed idea. Euan brought such a wonderful energy to the track with his vocals and he came up with the harmonies there and then. The energy from having a track come together in that manner is crazy; it was definitely the most exciting track to create of all the 12.

Do you find it easier to stay in a constant state of creating like that?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily easier but there’s always a deadline and I think we are at our best when we are under pressure. We’ve really enjoyed being able to try different styles and develop different themes lyrically and musically. I think there’s still a signature sound to us throughout but we’ve been able to explore different aspects of that sound.

Have any fan favourites cropped up out of them so far?

‘Lives’ always goes down well at gigs. I think it’s just a really high energy track that’s easy to connect with. We try and play it fairly early on in our sets as it kind of sets us off as a band. ‘Patience’ and ‘Indigo’ get a lot of love from chatting to fans after gigs and then the reaction to tracks like ‘So It Goes’, ‘Youth’ and ‘Spiral’ have been overwhelming!

You’ve just come back from a tour that saw you support Spinn at thousand island and headline a stage at Oxjam, what’s it been like on the road?

It’s been great fun! We’ve had some hiccoughs along the way, namely having car issues getting down to the Isle of Wight and ending up having to book two extra ferries on the day. Nightmare. Having the opportunity to support No Hot Ashes in Birmingham was a great experience; they are such a great live band and it was good to be able to take inspiration from them.

We’ve come so far in terms of our live performance over the year so to hear people commenting on how tight we are as a band vindicates all the hard work we have put in. It was amazing to see people singing our tracks back to us all over the country and we can’t wait to go out, visit new places and put our best foot forward.

What’s the plans for 2019?

We’ve got a bunch of exciting things in the pipeline. We’ll be releasing a whole load of new tracks. It won’t be at the breakneck speed that we have been releasing this year but expect something sooner rather than later. We’ll also be heading out up and down the country, trying to perform in front of as many people as possible. In the meantime, check out our November single ‘Happiness (All My Friends)’!

Listen to ‘Happiness (All My Friends) right here and show the band some love on their socials. Twitter. Facebook. Spotify.

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