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UNBLOOM: Lost Myself

Unbloom is one remarkable guy. Whilst he may be the creator of bops such as ‘I Followed’, I first got to know him as the sweet, funny guy on twitter that’s friends with Adam Sounds-Good (that might not be his real name) and any friend of SoundsGood is a friend of Peanut Mixtape. 

‘Lost Myself’ is the most recent single from Unbloom. It follows on where previous singles left off, each song becoming bigger and bolder than the last. ‘Lost Myself’ is smooth and with melodies that almost mimic the synths they lie over, it’s fit for any house party playlist.

Beyond the music itself, in the lyrics there’s a lot to unpack. It’s got a lot to say, Unbloom has this to say about the track: “I definitely think that people will interpret the narrative of “Lost Myself” as a post-breakup anthem, but I also believe it can be a reclamation – a song that asks the tough questions, like, “I’m past this person, now what? How can I reclaim who I was?”

Listen to ‘Lost Myself’ here and be sure to give Unbloom a lot of love across his socials. 

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