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Marigolds’ mellow new single ‘Much To Me’

Marigolds are a force of nature. Now with the addition of new vocalist and keyboard player, Lydia, they’ve got a whole new lease of life. ‘Much To Me’ feels like where the band’s 2017 EP Asleep in the Sun left off. The track bounces between pop-punk, indie and even The Beach Boys in just over three minutes.

The track is sincerely bittersweet from the outset, gentle but building more by the second. Lydia’s vocals puts warmth through the lyrics until the chorus comes around. When the chorus comes crashing in the rising tension is immediately relieved with thrashing guitars and a battering of drums.

‘Much To Me’ evolves the infectiously catchy formula that has seen Marigolds go from strength strength through their releases in the past 18 months. The pop-punk sensibility of the band really comes out in the bridge that easily stands up against bands like Turnover and Title Fight.

Listen to ‘Much To Me’ here, be sure to add it to your playlists and tell all your friends.

Featured Image: Tom Seago

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