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Orla Gartland’s fiery new single ‘Between My Teeth’

Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland has delivered another dose of zany pop in the form of new single ‘Between My Teeth’. Following on from the success of ‘I Go Crazy’ she delves back into heartbreak on this new track about leaving a relationship that depends on one person holding it together and the other leaning on them, in this case it’s a friendship but it easily applies to family and partners too.

There’s a theme running through Gartland’s music and it’s all about being strong and honest and not letting these things conflict each other. It becomes obvious that these would be important when you learn her influences include the likes of Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell. ‘Between My Teeth’ details the struggle of putting yourself first and even though this could be a ballad, Gartland’s fiery attitude won’t allow the song to be somber.

She’s supporting Hudson Taylor right the way around both Europe and the UK on tour so no doubt ‘Between My Teeth’ will get a it’s first few plays in front of an audience over this tour, which is worth going to see by itself.

Listen to ‘Between My Teeth’ here.

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