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The Francos return with ‘Back to Basics’

‘Back to Basics’ is a song about waking up to reality, understanding that you can do more with less, and recognising a need to change. Against astral, star-spangled synth, Australian trio The Francos step it up with sunny, indie-rock sensibilities. ‘Back to Basics’ was a patchwork quilt of rushed circumstances: Xavier Lardner recorded his bass part the day before his three-month European vacation, Alec Adams recorded drums after recovering from a broken thumb, while Ben Cauduro recorded the rest, as well being responsible for the mixing and mastering.

Regardless,‘Back to Basics’ has a smooth, gleaming surface without a stitch to be seen. The band are at their best playing with pace, restlessly modifying the rhythms at their will. With its melodic ambition, this song is infectious and modern with undeniable appeal.

Listen to ‘Back to Basics’ here.

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