Introducing: Youth Club

On the eve of their headline tour we sat down to get to know Southend-on-Sea’s Youth Club. The band have a rich history beginning with an EP in 2014, then loads of festivals, more singles and covering from the likes of Radio 1 brings us up to the present. The four piece’s most recent single ‘Our Love’ is slick, tropical pop, think Fickle Friends meets Anna of the North.

Can you introduce the band for lesser equipped readers

We are a tropical pop band based in Southend-on-sea. We have been going for a few years now, our catalogue of music dips all over the place in genres and moods and tempos, so there is something for all occasions.

Your latest release, ‘Our Love’, is really slick and poppy so how did it come about?

We were working on some older demos and merged some sounds and parts into something new we were writing, and it all came together quite quickly. We got in the studio and started experimenting more and finally with a little help of Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly), we wrote the final thing that you can listen to today!

Has it been going down well?

It has been received very well by our fans as we road tested it on a few shows in summer but can’t wait to tour it in November to see how it goes down.

You’re going on tour in a couple of weeks, how’s tour prep going?

Slow, we haven’t got in properly yet as its been a bit mad with our singer having his third baby, but we been sorting out the backing tracks and hit the studio next week. Can’t wait to tighten things up and load that van.

Is there any in particular you’re looking forward to on this tour?

Being back in some places we haven’t been in a while, like Bath, Guildford and Southampton. And we’ve seen on twitter a lot of fans are coming to shows in there home town and in ours, as they really wanna see us play our hometown which is super nice.

There’s been loads going on for Youth Club this year, what stands out as a highlight?

Releasing the last few releases have been satisfying as we have been working independently at our own pace now. So its been a real highlight being able to manage and work it by ourselves.

What are the plans for 2019?

More music, more touring. The rest is a secret.


Grab a ticket for Youth Club’s tour, with How’s Harry supporting, right here and listen to ‘Our Love’ here.

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