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Spinn bring back ‘Bliss’ for a revamp

Liverpool’s prodigal sons have issued a revamped ‘Bliss’ today. The track was previously released over 18 months ago and after being played on their headline tour in October, the song has made a welcome return. The single comes with exciting news that Spinn will be attending the Dork Magazine Christmas Party, supporting Bad Sounds. 

The song is a jangly number, noticeably lighter than previous single ‘Boredom’ that saw the band take a darker, more brooding approach to their music. From the offing ‘Bliss’ is ready to dance to. Johnny Quinn’s sweetly sung questions “is it worth it?” and “Are you living in bliss?” are catchy. The whole song is catchy to be fair to the band but Spinn have a knack for ear worm melodies. 

Listen to ‘Bliss’ here and if you don’t know much about Spinn have a gander at our long read with lead singer Johnny Quinn and guitarist Andy Power right here.

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