Rooney put a twist on Hall and Oates classic ‘Maneater’

LA based five piece Rooney are back with their latest single ‘Maneater’, it comes after ‘Do You Believe?’ in that are thus far unlinked to any bigger project, album or EP. ‘Maneater’ is a cover of the Hall and Oates classic from 1982’s H2O.

Rooney’s take on ‘Maneater’ retains a lot of the retro feel that now, in 2018, surrounds Hall and Oates. It’s a slower but richer affair, Hall and Oates having delivered the song originally with their pop sensibility and a Motown beat. Rooney’s take ironically sounds like it’s more suited to New York than LA, set almost walking pace.

The song itself was originally about New York City in the 80s, specifically the greed, luxury, wealth and vice of the city. Rooney have only been around since 1999 but having lived in LA their whole career, it isn’t surprising that the themes still feel as relevant today.

Listen to ‘Maneater’ right here.

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