Lewis Capaldi’s awestruck show at Newcastle SU

In the space of a year Lewis Capaldi has achieved a lot. He’s gone from playing in pubs to playing headline shows in iconic venues such as Glasgow’s Barrowlands, and selling them out no less. On Friday night he hit Newcastle’s Northumbria Institute. Capaldi brought Nina Nesbitt on tour, the pairing having duetted on the main stage together over the summer at TRNSMT festival. 

Nina Nesbitt opened for him with her honey sweet pop songs. Her stripped backs set of emotionally wrought pop was well received. Between the sets the room filled out even more in anticipation for Lewis Capaldi, who just two and a half hours before doors opened, released his second EP Breach with new single ‘Someone You Loved’ on it.

Opening on ‘Grace’ sans topless hunks for back up dancers and a pole to dance on, Lewis Capaldi somehow manages to make the stage feel full despite being nothing but a man and a guitar. After ‘Mercy’ there were six as of yet unreleased songs in a row, surprisingly enough. 

Given that there were only seven songs in the set that had been released with any real time before the show, it could be argued that filling the set nearly half full of new material is risky but Capaldi’s emotionally charged lyrics are captivating enough as is. The crowd looked a little lost by the end of the middle section but they seemed equally excited at the prospect of what’s to come.

Whilst songs like this may feel quite soppy when alone in your bedroom at 2am, they’re not as sad live. As a whole the set is lively and for the most part, joyful. Lewis Capaldi is a genuinely funny lad, beyond his twitter craic he holds his own on stage between songs too (a talent that can make or break an artist).

Listen to Lewis Capaldi right here.

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