Be Quiet. Shout Loud! make the most of a rainy night in Newcastle with ‘Another Commotion’.

A rainy Tuesday night at Trillians may not sound too thrilling but last night it was the only place you’d want to be in town. Rhyme, the new and exciting promotions company setting up in the North East, put on an incredible night of three local(ish) bands for free no less. How could anyone say no to a free gig?

The first band of the night, Bruto, battled through mad traffic from Teesside to be there and it was so worth it. Whilst they played a short but sweet set, they gave the crowd plenty to enjoy. Their self described brand of ‘alt rock’ bounces through the venue and they finish on ‘Everybody Knows You’re a Messed Up Piece of Shit’. Nice.

Next up were the slightly more local, Sleeptape. Sleeptape are a bit of a change of pace but the gathering audience are still equally as receptive to it. Their music falls somewhere between indie and rock, sitting comfortably between the two with thrashing drums and infectious hooks.

The main act, Be Quiet. Shout Loud! took to the stage with flair. All dressed in sequins in some format and with an in house keytar player. They play a couple of older songs to start with then play their recently released EP Another Commotion from front to back.

For the uninitiated Be Quiet. Shout Loud! inspire a cult-like audience, some of the people in the audience had travelled from Middlesbrough for the gig, on a work night and everything. The crowd know exactly what to do as well, they know where to clap, to jump, to sing along. It’s mental to watch them work alongside each other.

‘What Ever Happened to Love’ demands attention and no one can look away from the stage as frontman Jake Radio sings with his fist in the air. There’s more of the disco you’d expect from the band in ‘Louisiana’ which is nothing short of bombastic.

There’s clear elements of 80s pop coming into play by ‘Mr Paradise’ and the older members of the crowds dance in front of the stage like it’s twenty years earlier. In ‘I Won’t Sing 4 U’ there’s rallying cries as the band all belt out the title lyric through the chorus.

Closing on ‘No Hope’ it’s both bleak and inspiring in equal parts. The song details the issues with political divide in the country that is more relevant than ever at the moment as Brexit continues to plague the news. Even with the subject matter in mind the crowd in Trillians came together to belt out the chorus with the band.

Listen to Bruto here. Sleeptape here, and Be Quiet. Shout Loud! here.

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