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Circa Waves tease third album with two new tracks


After a few weeks of mysterious messages and an image of an old telly with WILOT on it, Circa Waves have finally announced some big news. With an initial campaign encouraging fans to dance on webcam for an undisclosed project where a song, now known to be ‘Be Somebody Good’, would play whilst the webcam was on. They’ve broke news on their third album What’s It Like Over There? with two new tracks.

The sound of this album appears to blend the best bits of the first two albums. Circa Waves take the maturity of their second album with the lighter sound of their debut Young Chasers. There’s nothing not to like as Circa Waves prove that they’re more than the quintessential summer indie band.

‘Movies’ is the closer of the two tracks to the Young Chasers sound, boasting an infectious energy whilst ‘Be Somebody Good’ is melancholic, just bittersweet enough for the winter nights closing in. This more brooding  sound looks good on the band. Hopefully What’s It Like Over There? has as much promise as these two tracks.

Listen to ‘Movies’ and ‘Be Somebody Good’ right here.

Featured Image: Katy Cummings

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