Tea Street Band Help Beat the Blues

Liverpool’s The Tea Street Band are in the middle of taking their freshly released second album Frequency on the road, playing Manchester’s Gulliver’s on Sunday night. It might be a Sunday but the crowd and the band are equally as up for it, the attitude very much as bassist Nick Otaegui demands: “fuck work tomorrow.”

Local lads Sugar open the evening, playing their silky smooth synth pop tunes, drawing a good reaction from the crowd, and are well worth checking out.

The Tea Street Band don’t so much emerge – Gullivers is so small that there is nowhere to emerge from – yet they build a wall of sound to a crescendo, before crashing into ‘Summer Days’, a hit from their debut album. The crowd know it and are quickly bouncing along to the infectious melody.

The band then launched into the first of their songs from their new album, ‘Givin’ It Back’. Discernibly different from their first album, yet still very much a Tea Street Band sound, their new songs garnered as much of a reaction as their back catalogue. What’s heartwarming is how pleased the band are to see such a reaction to their songs, they’re genuinely elated to see people dancing and singing along.

‘Sacre Coeur’ is next up, a more subdued slow burner that builds up to the chorus and the fusion of sounds that is The Tea Street Band’s staple sound. ‘Marseille Blues’ is after that on the set list, drawing the biggest reaction from the crowd so far.

Frontman Timo Tierney spends much of the gig nodding his head with the beat, bassist Otaegui swaying along. Things get calmed down a bit for ‘Taken It All’, before the band ramp it right back up to ten for ‘Disco Lights’. The hit from their debut album clearly the most well received of the evening, it really sparks the crowd into life and sets the tone for the back half of the set, Otaegui proclaiming “is fucking right” to the crowd at the culmination of the track.

‘Only Love’ gets the enviable task of following up, and it’s more than up to it. The catchy baseline and repeated refrain get the crowd moving and singing along. Lead single ‘Feel It’ follows and it too is a big one for dancing.

What follows is another change of pace: the instrumental track ‘Fiesta’ taken from Tea Street’s debut. This is just the latest in a long line – the whole set in fact – to get the crowd moving as the band layer their instruments and beats over one another to create the infectious melody.

You can listen to The Tea Street Band here.

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