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Zkeletonz’ brazen new single ‘One Man Band’

Zany synth-pop trio Zkeletonz light up like neon for their latest single ‘One Man Band’. Their buoyant style, laden with heavy helpings of analogue synth pulses has won them the favour of tastemakers including BBC Introducing and Radio X. Naturally, a band this brazen wouldn’t stop at that; something about their sequin jackets suggest that not just any genre would do.

Zkeletonz instead meld electronica with post-punk sensibilities to create a superstructure that is entirely their own: ‘#POSTPOP’. ‘One Man Band’ is saturated with psychedelia: acid-soaked, with the kind of flair we haven’t seen since the advent of MGMT. It’s ridiculously fun, larger than life and drags you out of your comfort zone until you’re drawn into its kaleidoscopic world.

Listen to ‘One Man Band’ right here.

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