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Be Quiet. Shout Loud!’s debut EP Another Commotion

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! are a band that unashamedly personify a disco ball. If you’ve seen them live then you’ll know, if you haven’t then you should check them out. There’s a certain charm to a group that are self described as “cowbell twatting”.

The band have the sensibilities of a glam rock five piece, but the sound of something in between The Darkness and New Order. They look like Steel Panther, act like The Rolling Stones and sound like Andrew WK.  Opener ‘What Ever Happened To Love?’ is nothing short of bombastic.

There’s times that the EP is so big, so full of life that it doesn’t feel real, it’s almost unnatural. The band pull back in moments like this and it’s the total conviction in Jake Radio’s voice that maintains authenticity.

Gang chants and boisterous keyboard/synth guide the way through the closing tracks of Another Commotion. ‘I Won’t Sing 4 U’ in particular inspires a gang like mentality though this isn’t surprising considering it’s one of the most politically charged of Be Quiet. Shout Loud!’s songs.

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! give out helpings of life affirming music. I say music because truth be told, outside of “cowbell twatting” I have no idea how to classify it. But who needs labels anyway? If it sound good that’s all that matters.

Listen to Another Commotion right here.

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  1. Giles brown

    Jake radio killed my kittens with boiling water

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