The Pale White bring the house down at Northumbria Institute

The Pale fucking White. What a band. They’ve had what can only be described as an incredible year and their sold out hometown show last night was the cherry on top. 

Newcastle’s finest, The Old Pink House, began proceedings with their fast paced guitar pop. There’s a high turn out for them but that’s expected after their triumphant headliner at The Cluny over the summer.

It’s been around two years since the first time I saw The Pale White live and how far they’ve come is astronomical. The come bouncing on stage to  play ‘Trapped Nerve’, which has the infamous line ‘Take Me to The Strange’ for which they’ve based their EP title and live show.  

Despite this being their biggest headline show to date and the biggest venue they’ve probably played this year they don’t look intimidated in the slightest. They look like they were made for gigs like this. With the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to see them in the O2 Academy this time next year.

The opening chords of ‘Turn It Around’ rip through the room like a bomb’s gone off. The old favourite has a huge section of the crowd up and moving with the odd brave crowd surfer dotted around. Despite this mass reaction the band remain cool as a cucumber like this is just another day at the office.

Two unreleased songs slip into the set one after the other and they’re well received. From there there’s absolute carnage in the crowd who are whipped up into a frenzy at every chorus. The second half of the set is almost entirely fan service, the trio playing all of the fan favourites old and new.

It’s incredible to see how far the band have come, and you can see it in ‘Reaction’. They tease it, Adam Hope singing the opening lines with a simple strum of guitar. It’s one of the few calm moments of the whole evening. The backlighting on the stage allows the band to see the crowd for the first time properly and they’re all grinning, watching the crowd sing along to the opening lines. Half way through they throw in a few lines of ‘Second Place’ for the OG fans in the house.

Fucking carnage would be the only correct way to describe ‘That Dress’. There’s a reason the song launched The Pale White into popularity in the Newcastle scene. 

From start to finish, Saturday night was a celebration of the Newcastle scene and everything it’s come to achieve in the past 12 months. There’s even a shout out to Sam Fender for his recent BRIT win. If you’d have told any local bands 18 months ago that any of this would be not only possible but probable, none would believe it. They’re leading the new, darker wave across the UK and The Pale White are flying the flag for Newcastle.

Listen to The Pale White right here.

Featured Photo: Daniel Stark

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