Swine Tax’s compelling new single Conversations

The subject of ‘Conversations’ is all too real this time of year. Dealing with shitty family friends and distant relatives that you may have ducked from for the whole year but now it’s Christmas you have to sit and listen to them bang on about their new bosses, partners and about how much they respect Theresa May for not resigning. It’s all bullshit.

The song itself is a cool four minutes of what sounds more like The Dandy Warhols than the band’s usual Gang of Youth meets The Fall sound. Like always though, the lyricism is clever, witty and incredible tongue in cheek. There’s no doubt in my mind people are going to love belting out the line “Your girlfriend is a Tory” at Swine Tax gigs.

Listen to ‘Conversations’ right here and be sure to avoid aimless conversations with those weird relatives this Christmas, it’s for the best.

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