Foliage & Andrew Younker team up on dreamy 6-track Jangle Pop EP ‘Split’

Two of the most promising artists in the burgeoning Jangle/Dream Pop scene, Foliage & Andrew Younker, team up for a 6-track EP entitled Split that is everything fans were hoping for from the collaboration. And then some.

The two artists regularly share their admiration for one another’s music, so it was an exciting (albeit not entirely unexpected) treat for their fans when it was announced the duo would be recording a joint EP.  Although the boundaries of jangle pop, dream pop and shoegaze seem to be very blurry these days, it doesn’t really matter what genre you call it when the blend of Foliage’s unique upbeat jangle melodies and almost downtrodden vocals, together with Younker’s trademark dreamy soundscapes, results in music this good!

The EP features two tracks in which the duo perform together, along with two solo tracks from each artist, beginning with Foliage tugging at your emotions with the heartfelt ‘Forever’, before rebounding with the upbeat, lively ‘Be Transparent’. Whilst for the untrained ear the lyrics on the EP may be difficult to make out on first listen, the melodies and production sound so good that you will almost certainly be drawn in for a second, closer listen. And once you can appreciate the lyrics, the EP takes on a whole new meaning with each track becoming much more than just a pleasant sound for your ears – just wait for Younker’s fantastic ‘Thankful’ to bloom into your speakers and provide a reminder of all there is to be thankful for in this world!

Whilst ‘Thankful’ is definitely the track of the EP, ‘Be Transparent’ is also superb – to be honest, every track on Splitis well worth a listen. You can’t go wrong with 20 minutes of dreamy Jangle Pop niceness – hit us up when you realise you’ve streamed the EP 3/4 times and still want to listen again!

Listen to Split in full here

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