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Peanut Mixtape’s 2019 Starting XI

Want to know who’s gonna get popular in 2019 and be one of the cool kids for staying ahead of the curve? Perfect, this list is for you then.

2018 has been nothing short of sensational for Sam Fender and by the looks of it 2019 will be no different. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have in goal than a lad like Sam. If there’s one thing people love to take issue with its white boys with guitars making indie music but Sam Fender has batted away every criticism sent his way. 

His breakout was ‘Dead Boys’ from there he’s gone on to win a BRIT award. Who better to be making some big saves for indie rock and make sure it stays on top for another year?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that this is The Pale White’s world, we’re just living in it. There’s no other explanation for how good they are. The geordie three piece have put the rock back into indie rock over the course of the past two and a bit years. A band delivering left of centre rock for a left back? Perfect. Paul Dummett eat your heart out.

Their music is self described as having a “dark streak” and that streak is shaping them up to be the next generation of rock heavyweights like Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood. The Pale White, defenders of the Newcastle scene and rock music in its rawest form.

Never have the words ‘singer songwriter’ sounded more compelling than when paired up with Holly Rees. She’s single handedly restored faith in the genre, putting back in both the personality and the emotion it was lacking.

Whilst more than sixty seconds of chatting with her will reveal the loveable goofball she is online and in person, as soon as she opens her mouth to sing, it’s all forgotten. 2019 is also the year that sees Holly embark on her big Canadian adventure, but I’m sure she’ll champion the back to basics approach to music that’s gotten her this far from the other side of the globe. Read our interview, Don’t You Forget About Me with Holly right here.

London’s favourites, Indoor Pets complete the back line. Known for Jamie Glass’s unique voice and even more unique twitter antics, they’re a popular bunch. They pull together elements of indie and pop punk to create a hybrid that’s infectiously catchy. Their debut album Be Content is due out in March and they’re on track for their biggest year yet.

Sitting in the midfield we’ve got Spinn, Liverpool’s approachable lads. 2018 has seen them release their debut EP, play shows up and down the UK and even get the label ‘Big in Japan’. Between these boys and The Night Cafe, they’ve together turned national attention back on Liverpool’s ever growing music scene, currently being referred to as Merseywave. Step aside, Steven Gerrard, there’s a new group of Scousers (and one Brummie) charging the field. Have a read of our interview with them, ‘Head in a Spinn’ right here.

It would be absolutely ridiculous to make this list without FEVA have you heard ‘Uneasy’? What a song. The band have been around the Newcastle scene for a little while now but since their almost sold out headliner at Northumbria Institute at the end of the summer, no one’s stopped talking about them.

Their two 2018 singles ‘Uneasy’ and ‘Making Waves’ are massive, and prove they’re just not made to be a small band, 2019 is going to be the year that FEVA come stomping out the shadows.

From one Newcastle based band to the next we’ve also got Swine Tax in the midfield. 2018 has really seen the band find themselves and not in the ‘Eat. Pray. Love’ way. Their sound, artwork and live show have all come together so that the band are looking like the real deal. ‘Natural Causes’ and recent single ‘Conversations’ are easily some of the best music to have been made in the North East this year.

If you could only save one thing from Middlesbrough, I dare say I’d let the Parmo burn to keep Llovers. Hands down ‘A Second With You’ is one of the best things to have come out of 2018. Llovers sound like an absolute dream. 

They’ve had an incredible string of releases this year finishing on everyone’s favourite ‘Go Get Her, Go Getter’ and ‘Without You’ double A side. The band are set for a debut EP and their London debut in 2019, no doubt they’ll be making waves.

The forwards start with the wonderful Lauran Hibberd who spent her 2018 building up her name with colourful guitar pop. She’s pushing forward with songs that pack a punch from her quirky upbeat vocals whilst talking about the disillusionment of our generation. From ‘Fun Like This’ to ‘What Do Girls Want?’ Lauran Hibberd has turned heads, which she’ll no doubt continue to do as she makes her way around the country with Hippo Campus in the Spring 2019.

Watching seven piece funky pop outfit Picnic perform unreleased material a few weeks ago whilst supporting Holly Rees, I realised quite how fantastic they are. It’s a bit of a ‘has to be seen to be believed’ thing because there’s just a lack of words to describe their stage presence and the mood of the room when they play. 

Their most recent single ‘Girls Night’ captured the energy of indie bands that PICNIC are often compared to whilst grabbing attention with Robyn Walker’s show stopping vocals. 2019 should see PICNIC release more incredible singles and get their name out beyond the North East.

The final pick of the team is Avalanche Party who are already getting a lot of attention, and are set to take to the stage at SXSW in 2019 along with other North East native Dylan Cartlidge. Though you may not think it at first, Avalanche Party and PICNIC actually have something in common beyond their geographical location, their live shows are what attract people to the two bands. 

Avalanche Party’s gigs are organised chaos, you leave feeling like you’ve had a religious experience. Despite their small but loyal following, they’re known locally as legends and therefore have headlined Twisterella alongside The Blinders and Estrons this year and are going on to headline Stockton Calling in 2019. This is going to be the year that Avalanche Party get the recognition they deserve.

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