Top EPs of 2018

8 Everything Everything A Deeper Sea: Everything Everything followed up to their critically acclaimed 2017 album A Fever Dream with a darker, even more experimental EP A Deeper Sea this year. The EP delves into uncharted territory with ‘Breadwinner’ already coming out as a fan favourite.

7 Childcare Luckyucker: Luckyucker is the predecessor to Childcare’s forthcoming debut album and it does an incredible job of painting a picture of the band. They mix quirky lyrics with smooth, silky vocals to create a slightly left of centre pop sound.

6 Sam Fender Dead Boys: Undeniably Sam Fender is one of the most talked about artists this year (and for good reason). His debut EP Dead Boys, is a showcase of his obvious song writing talent. Between lead single ‘Dead Boys’ and ‘Spice’ he demonstrates an ability to write poignantly whilst not clouding the message. He’s part of our Class of 2019 for this reason.

5 Hozier Nina Cried Power: Returning from the delicate woodland that I have no doubt he hibernated in following his 2014 debut album Hozier. The gentle Irish giant returned with what is easily one of the most slept on releases of the year. The atmospherics of Nina Cried Power are sensational. ‘NFWMB’ is a return to form for Hozier, the songwriting is both moving and clever. As his second album is on the horizon, there no doubt it will be equally as impressive as Nina Cried Power.

4 The Night Cafe Bunkbed: Bunkbed takes on The Night Cafe’s original sound and makes it darker. Lyrically this EP is a lot more mature than the band’s previous singles and hopefully this darker sound will make an appearance on future releases.

3 The Pale White Take Me to The Strange: This is a great piece of work. It’s the first proper EP that The Pale White have done, their first being a collection of singles rather than a cohesive body of work. Everything about this works, and the video that Matt Goff did for them of the whole EP live is a must-watch.

2 Holly Rees Slow Down: I’m sure that like with most things in life, there’s a German word out there to describe something wonderfully wholesome, unfortunately I don’t have that word so instead I’m going to have to describe it. Slow Down is like looking like a scrapbook. Holly Rees is an incredible storyteller and lyricist, songs like ‘Magpie’ and ‘Arms’ are warm and honey sweet, much like her voice.

1 The Old Pink House Expectations: The debut EP by The Old Pink House was absolutely worth the wait. From it’s release back in August the five track has been an absolute joy to listen to. Whilst ‘Jaded’ is my favourite from this gem, there’s no denying that  ‘Silver Cadillac’ is so catchy it’s almost a crime.

You really are reminded of the talent the band display with one guitarist and a keyboard player rather than two guitarists. The synths/keyboards are what separate The Old Pink House from the rest. They’re changing up the indie rock formula and it’s never sounded better. The band have been in the studio recently so we can only hope for a follow up in 2019.

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