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Alice Merton’s Made a Mint Album

Berlin-based, British songwriter Alice Merton today releases her hotly anticipated debut album MINT.

Her debut single ‘No Roots’ helped launch the British born singer on a global scale, with the track garnering 250M streams and 150M YouTube views to date, and being certified Platinum in 7 countries and recently going GOLD in the US.

Merton released her debut EP early last year, and has since released the singles ’Lash Out’, ’Why So Serious’ and ‘Funny Business’ in the build up to the release of her debut album.

Merton’s writing is autobiographical and heartfelt, with her songs covering personal topics and relating to her life. The tracks are catchy, with driving rhythms partnering strong choruses as she explores themes of female empowerment and her independence.

Another strong theme in the record is one of insecurity and fearfulness, which is something she tackles in the opening track, ‘Learn to Live’. A guitar heavy intro leads into a track about facing her fears and learning to live with them, embracing life and being free from worry.

Track two, ‘2 Kids’, is about her best friend from university, now her manager, and the challenges they faced together. The song also highlights her independence, as Merton set up her own label with her manager to release this record.

Another theme that Merton tackles on this record is one of belonging. ‘No Roots’ describes how Merton moved a lot through her childhood, living in Canada, the United Kingdom and Munich. Merton said that the song was born out of the ‘realisation that my home was never on the ground, it was with the people who I love’.

Track five, ‘Homesick’, takes a similar view. The piano led track reflects on her childhood and her fears, and about Merton feels most at home when she is with people she cares about.

The record takes on a bit of a darker sound in the second half, with track seven, ‘Speak Your Mind’ being my favourite from the record. Merton’s vocals stand strong above the intro bassline, building to a powerful chorus. Track eight follows a similar pattern, as ‘I Don’t Hold a Grudge’ gives Merton a chance to show off all that her vocals can do.

Track nine slows things down and is another piano ballad, and is quite frankly brilliant, but the pace gets picked back up with tracks ten and eleven, finishing on the vibrant and fun ‘Why So Serious’.

Merton’s debut album is a strong follow up to her debut EP and has proved that she is far from a one hit wonder. She’s embarking on a U.K. tour in March, tickets for which can be bought here.

Listen to Mint right now on Spotify or Apple Music.

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