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Foals make their big return with new single ‘Exits’

Foals are back! They debuted their first single since 2015 on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show tonight and everyone’s already glad to have Foals back. The single, called ‘Exits’ already had it’s lyrics online for a few days before it was available for listening thanks to a treasure hunt through the exits of various public transport means throughout the world.

The sound of ‘Exits’ is quite bizarre, it’s new but still feels familiar. It would appear the vast sonic soundscapes of What Went Down are present on the track but there’s a lot of synths and pianos that ultimately overrule the math rock Foals brought to the mainstream. 

Through the teaser video that appeared a week ago, there appears to be a warm album and a cold album. A little Game of Ice and Fire if you will, do you reckon this is the warm or the cold one? The lyrics feel cold and standoffish, but the synths are no doubt inviting, almost too much so, like the entrance to a villain’s lair, could both albums reflect the dichotomy of the two?

Listen to ‘Exits’ right here.

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