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Matt Dunbar and the Autonomous Collective release Live EP


After playing an emotional set to say the least at Holly Rees’ Think Tank? Underground headliner back in December, Matt Dunbar and the Autonomous Collective have released a live EP of their set that night. It’s the first time Matt Dunbar played a gig with a band and the songs come alive with the extra layers.

Opening on ‘Drive’, immediately the tone is set. It’s not sad but there’s a real bittersweet feeling in this song. From there ‘Noah’ is a sweet little thing that has come to be a fan favourite alongside ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ for good reason.

The set includes a new song called ‘Coffee’, which was written for the headliner on the night, Holly Rees, who’s currently off living her best life in Canada. It’s a bittersweet track about wanting nothing but the best for a friend but how, in this case it won’t stop him from missing her anyway. Closing on another new song called ‘Ghost’, it’s a sad moment but it feels right. There’s beauty in the sadness.

The addition of a full band to Matt Dunbar’s sound is no doubt different, where before he could have easily been roped into the singer/songwriter genre but with the Autonomous Collective his music really comes to life in the folk genre. The music is simply warmer and more full of life when sung live to begin with, but with the Autonomous Collective it’s really something special.

Listen to the EP right here.


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