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Don Broco’s massive new single ‘Half Man Half God’

Bedfordshire four piece Don Broco have released new single ‘Half Man Half God’ today. The single comes after an extensive touring schedule for their third studio album Technology, which was released in February 2018.

‘Half Man Half God’ is so far unlinked to any projects, including a fourth album although it’s presumed that the single will be on it. The single is a continuation of the band’s heavy revival. It takes on the ego of Kanye West and the riffs of heavier their counterparts like Black Peaks.

Lead singer Rob Damiani says, “This is a song about celebrity in the age of the Internet. People don’t just want to admire their idols from afar, they want to know everything about them. Every waking moment, every thought and feeling, every hope and fear.”

“These days we want our celebrities human. We don’t want mystery, we don’t want airbrushing, we want real, we want full access, we want communication, and most importantly we want selfies.”

Following 2015’s Automatic, Don Broco had a overhaul of their sound, moving away from the pop that saw them tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and diving head first into rock and even metal riffs and fall into tours with the likes of State Champs and Mike Shinoda.

Listen to ‘Half Man Half God’ right here.

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