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We’re back baby! (again). Last week Peanut Mixtape returned with a bang and due to there being loads on, it only made sense to wrap it all up together. The roundup went down surprisingly well so here we are again, for the roundup 2.0. Anyway here’s what you missed on last week’s episode of Glee.

Anteros released what is most likely the final early song from their debut album When We Land, called ‘Drive On’. It’s a little different from ‘Fool Moon’ and ‘Ordinary Girl’ but a lot closer to the earlier singles like ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Drunk’ that the band built their name on. They’ve also announced a headline UK tour for April. Big things lie ahead for Anteros!

Vampire Weekend have at long last made a return, but not without having a laugh at the expense of the internet, asking fans on twitter to guess what ‘FTOB’ stands for. There were some wild answers, below are a couple of our favourites. Personally, if it’s not ‘Fuck Off, Tyra Banks’ I’ll be well gutted.

They’re going for *almost* the style of all the other big indie bands at the moment by releasing a double disk album in 2019, that will feature 18 songs. They did a bit of madness on Tuesday by winding up fans with a two hour guitar loop from one of the songs released yesterday. 

The two songs are exactly what you’d expect from Vampire Weekend, you can practically hear the tapping of boat shoes in the background. Is it worth the six year wait? We’ll have to wait and see.

King Princess has also dropped a new single called ‘I Know’. It would appear no one told her it’s no longer 20gayteen as she’s continuing to release anthems for the queer youth well into the new year. The single is a slower one to King Princess’ usual style but it’s a sweet love song nonetheless.

The 1975 are still on tour, still smashing it and the twitter content is still rolling in. We’re currently reaching new levels of FOMO. On the upside we’re only 97 days away from Notes on a Conditional Form, assuming it comes out on the 1st May. Before you ask, we’re not desperate we just have a lot of free time on our hands (not that there’s much difference between the two these days.)

Foals released the first single from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Part One this week too. The song was teased by an international treasure hunt with the prize being envelopes with the lyrics inside taped to the exits of various train/underground stations around the world. Bearing this in mind, the single is called ‘Exits’. To be noted: it’s a banger, if you liked Total Life Forever and the moodier side of What Went Down, then you’re gonna love it.

Prolific rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard appear to be back in the studio too. New album incoming? Very possibly. Same can be said for The Amazons that are teasing their return with a mini tour of some tiny UK venues very soon. 

American Football have released a new track featuring Hayley Williams called ‘Uncomfortably Numb’, flipping Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ on its head. The song is a melancholic affair so give yourself a minute to get in the mood before you listen.

Sam Fender’s still at it, having sold out a whole UK tour he’s also headed off for some of his first US headliners in March. He’s also recently re-released ‘Play God’ with a new video which is a dystopian take on the new world. Directed as a stunning one shot video by Vincent Haycock.

Featured Image: Dan Harris

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