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Zkeletonz dazzle with new single ‘Neighbourhood Nightclub’

Zkeletonz, the heirs of synth-pop, return owning their absurdity as boldly as their sequins, return with their latest single ‘Neighbourhood Nightclub’. The self-described “contemporary Renaissance men bathed in beautiful psychedelic street art” haven’t shown any signs of relenting their particular style on this track.

This love letter to London is just as exuberant as you’d hope a Zkeletonz single to be: they are unashamed to wear their influences on their sleeves, with colours of MGMT and jaunty, tangled riffs that recall The 1975. For a band who coined the futuristic genre of #POSTPOP, you might be surprised to find flashes of synth that dazzle you right back to when Madonna was in vogue, if you will. It fizzes; it bursts; it glitters with conviction. 

Zkeletonz are warming up for touring the length and breadth of the UK in 2019 with their gig at The Victoria, London on 22 February. You’ll be starry-eyed with the band (and the price of course – which is free. You have no excuse!) 

Listen to ‘Neighbourhood Nightclub’ right here.

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