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The Night Cafe: Endless Lovers

Our favourites The Night Cafe are back after a few months of radio silence. They’ve been recording this debut album after signing contracts with Kobalt and AWAL over the summer, remaining independent of a label. Finally, first official news of the album has come in the form of new track ‘Endless Lovers’.

The track is a typical affair for The Night Cafe, jangly guitars, melacholic lyrics and a beat that makes you want to bop through the pain. Since their first single in 2015, the band have crafted a sound that has become distinctly theirs and theirs alone. Taking influence from the likes of Fleetwood Mac to Turnover, their familiar sound has gained them a steady following.

Speaking about the track, frontman Sean Martin said: “For me ‘Endless Lovers’ has an important message that you should sort of ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’ in a relationship.”

“It’s about me being depressed and feeling like everyone around you and your significant other is against you, and it cuts so deep that you just want to push them away.”

“The song was written from a hypothetical point of view, but also I did feel like that at the time with no valid reason apart from my head just being fucked. I’m sure people will have felt the exact same way. But in many ways this song can be whatever you need it to be about.”

Listen to ‘Endless Lovers’ right here.

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