Weezer’s medley of covers, The Teal Album

If you weren’t old enough to be around for the Weezer origins like me, you may very well be fooled into believing that they had a certain je ne c’est quoi back in the day that made them as culturally significant as they are now. After all how often is it that a band from the 90s have over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify but no singles that people actually know?

However, there was never anything about them, they were just always goofy. They’re still goofy. Which other bands in this point in their career are covering ‘No Scrubs’ and ‘Billie Jean’ for a whole album for a laugh on the lead up to another album? None of them.

Opener ‘Africa’ was a meme for a while. Weezer teased fans with a cover of Toto’s ‘Rosanna’ but after a viral campaign, they eventually released ‘Africa’ as a single and incredibly managed to break the Billboard 100 and top the Billboard Alternative 100.

The teal album is just a bit of a laugh. Whilst clearly work has gone into it and such, to seriously review it would be missing the point. It would also be unfair to both me and the band. The album is good at ‘Africa’ and ‘Happy Together’, it’s bad at ‘No Scrubs’ and ‘Stand By Me’ and it’s just plain daft at ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Paranoid’.

Listen to Weezer’s Teal Album right here.

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