half•alive’s slick and sweet new single ‘arrow’

LA based three piece indie pop band, half•alive have made their first release of 2019 in the form of ‘arrow’. The band have been making waves since August last year when the music video for ‘still feel’ took off, soaring to over fourteen million views and becoming somewhat of a sensation.

The trio have become known for their slick sound and even slicker moves, as proven in the video above. The new single ‘arrow’ proves no different. The music video for ‘arrow’ is equally slick, every colour, outfit, set and dancing hand moving and changing together in perfect motion. Watching it, it almost doesn’t feel real.

‘Arrow’ is about life moving too quickly and feeling lost amongst it all, the chrous summing it up best: “The hardest place to be is right where you are, in the space between the finish and the start”. The lyrics and mood make for as much of a contrast as the hq DIY video.

Listen to ‘arrow’ right here.

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