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Tarantina’s stripped back single ‘Hunter’

Tarantina releases new single ‘Hunter’ follow the release of her 2018 debut EP Teething which received widespread praise for it’s genre bending production.

Looking forward at ‘Hunter’, it’s a fresh page for Tarantina. Stripped bare of it’s urban beats and gritty, Billie Eilish style production, ‘Hunter’ is raw. The power lies in the lyrics that are about “that feeling in the pit of your stomach, a gut instinct you get when you know someone you love is hiding something from you.”

Tarantina was raised between two very different spaces which is what gives her such a wide breadth to base her music. Her mother’s house was filled with the likes of Portishead and Leftfield (who she’s been on tour with as their lead vocalist globally in 2018).

Her father’s house was home to more classic influences such as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. It’s clear to see where she gets her unique style when looking at these contrasting influences.

Listen to ‘Hunter’ right here.

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