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Balthazar’s newest offering, Fever

Balthazar returned from a hiatus bigger, better and more adventurous on their brand new fourth album, Fever. The band’s time apart appears to have only strengthened bonds between them and given a new depth to their music.

Fever shows a new maturity for the band, the signature moodiness that saw them through their previous albums appears to lift through some of the album, namely tracks like ‘Wrong Vibration’. Taking on more of their pop and tropical influences, Balthazar have stepped away from the more traditional sounds that lead the way on Rats and Thin Walls.

Opening track ‘Fever’ is bright, bold and even a little funky. As an opener it really sets the tone of the album well, showing from the get go that this is not like the Balthazar music that has come before.

From there ‘Wrong Faces’ is a bit more like what you may expect from the band, the track uses brass and string sections but moves far closer to soul than the jazz undertones of Rats.

The closer, ‘You’re So Real’ is a perfect finish. It combines a lot of the elements and ties together the themes of the album. The smooth, sweet vocals layered with brass section again give a dinner jazz vibe.

It’s clear that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder for these Belgian rockers. Time apart has clearly done them well but Fever has proven that the band are better together, the likes of ‘Phone Number’ and ‘Entertainment’ should set the blueprint for where Balthazar go next.

Listen to Balthazar’s Fever right here.

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