Circa Waves tease album with ‘Me, Myself and Hollywood’

Circa Waves have released a new song called ‘Me, Myself and Hollywood’ to tease the release of their third studio album What’s It Like Over There? which is due for release at the beginning of April.

The track comes following ‘Be Somebody Good’ and ‘Movies’, for which the music video saw the band dressing up to recreate some iconic movies scenes having everything from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Dirty Dancing to Wayne’s World.

The new single ‘Me, Myself and Hollywood’ a bit more of a somber number but it still maintains that Circa waves magic that keeps it from being mopey by any means.

The band seem to channel Favourite Worst Nightmare era Arctic Monkeys and maybe even early Coldplay, in the guitars with Kieran Shuddall’s songwriting rightfully taking centre stage. ‘Me, Myself and Hollywood’ appears to talk about being caught up in the ersatz glamour of Hollywood and finding yourself alone as a result, always chasing a dream that isn’t quite real.

There’s clearly a lot of ambition behind this album and we should all be excited for what’s to come. Listen to ‘Me, Myself and Hollywood’ right here and grab a ticket for their headline UK tour whilst you can.

Featured Image: Katy Cummings

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