The Vaccines play Newcastle’s O2 Academy in style

On a freezing cold winter night, The Vaccines were almost the hottest ticket in town on Tuesday. Only upstaged by Newcastle’ quite frankly baffling win over Manchester City at St James’ Park fifteen minutes away from the O2 Academy.

After a technical issue that lead to the front barrier at Blackburn’s King George’s Hall coming up, the band were forced to stop the gig half way through on Monday night much to the disappointment of both The Vaccines and the fans. Thankfully all the equipment seemed to be in working order last night in Newcastle.

Opening on one of the hits from their most recent album Combat Sports, The Vaccines were met with a wall of sound from an eager crowd for ‘Your Love Is My Favourite Band’. From there they delve into the back catalogue to pull out favourites like ‘Teenage Icon’ and ‘Dream Lover’ from their second and third albums respectively.

Frontman Justin Young is charismatic as ever, leaning in towards the crowd to sing each line, subtly pushing them to sing back to him. Looking at The Vaccines it’s hard to believe they’ve been a band for just coming up ten years, they clearly take influence from stars of the 90s in the way they hold themselves on stage.

Watching the band play the likes of ‘If You Wanna’ feels surreal, songs that have reached the higher echelons of the pop music cannon despite being less than 10 years old. Under the disco lights of the O2 Academy watching The Vaccines like they’re 21 again feels like watching history and if they’re looking 21 then I feel 16.

Listen to The Vaccines right here.

Featured Image: Matte Ibrahim

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