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Lauran Hibberd takes a walk on the weird side with ‘Sugardaddy’

Lauran Hibberd unleashes her weird side on new single ‘Sugardaddy’, which is about -you guessed it- sugar daddies. Hibberd has always had a taste for the quirky so this latest offering won’t come as much of a surprise to her fans.

About the song Lauran says: “There’s a million love songs, but my dream is to live in a world where there’s a million songs about stuff like wanting a sugardaddy. I guess it’s a joke, it’s like wrapping bubblegum around depression.”

“The idea stemmed from life being life, I have sort of a twisted humour so at some point my brain came to this as a comical solution. I wrote this track with Boe Weaver, my trusted day one producers. Don’t be alarmed”.

Listen to ‘Sugardaddy’ right here.

Featured Image: Nathan Russell

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