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Wallows feat Clairo’s retro tinged single, ‘Are You Bored Yet?’


Wallows are starting their 2019 big with new single ‘Are You Bored Yet? fet. Clairo’ and the announcement of their debut album Nothing Happens that’s due for release March 22nd. The band have found success in their relatively long career through singles like ‘Pictures of Girls’, the band having played together for around a decade.

‘Are You Bored Yet?’ is a bittersweet track, Minnette’s vocals smooth over the retro beats whilst Clairo’s vocals feel dreamy. Lyrically it goes into struggling to open up in relationships and how that can lead down a rocky road to breakups. Pretty typical young adult stuff, but it’s addressed in a sweet manner, littered with Americanisms and little conversation bits.

The music video features Vampire Weekend’s Brian Jones and September 2018’s White Boy of the Month, Noah Centineo, no doubt both through a connection to Wallows’ own Dylan Minnette. The video sees Minnette stumble through karaoke, seeing double everywhere he turns. The song choices on screen is also a nice little nod to Nothing Happens as it reveals the track listing of the album.

Listen to ‘Are You Bored Yet? feat. Clairo’ right here.

Featured Image: Dillon Matthew

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