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The Amazons bite back on new single ‘Mother’


Reading based quartet The Amazons marked their return last night with Gordon Smart on Radio X. They’ve released new single ‘Mother’, their first new studio music since 2017’s The Amazons. The band were praised for their big guitar riffs and unabashed rock sensibilities on their debut.

‘Mother’ isn’t so much a departure from their old sound as a step further into it. The Amazons have taken their rock sensibilities and cranked the amps up to eleven, almost entirely dropping the indie side of their sound in favour of dirtier riffs and Matt Thomson channels Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder more than Alex Turner and Justin Young.

No doubt seeing the success of their debut album, as well as the music of friends such as The Pale White and Otherkin, spurring them onto going for a more classic rock revamp. Even the single artwork feels very ’70s American rock band.

On the new track, Thomson says: “In the age of social media we’re constantly told how to act, how to feel and how to think. This is a defiant song, challenging friends, gods and everyone in between.”

The album that, although unannounced, we can safely link ‘Mother’ to, is likely to follow suit of the single, taking a slightly heavier, more classic rock sound. Whether this manifests as more songs directly like ‘Mother’ or a diverse range that sounds more like a Queens of the Stone Age record, is a mystery. We’re invested in hearing it regardless of what route it takes though.

Listen to ‘Mother’ right here.

Featured Image: Matt Goff

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