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Yellow Cafe’s smooth new single ‘Flight’

Yellow Café is a project born of an unbreakable creative, and more so emotional, symbiosis between Jakob Winder and Bella Hirst. In their bedroom, surrounded by plants and spurred by coffee, their music may be ‘yellow’ by name, but mellow in nature. Their latest single ‘Flight’ is the dose of anti-pop you’ve been searching for. 

Bella’s vocals are feather-lite, gliding smoothly over Jakob’s immersive yet minimal beats. It’s kicked back and relaxed: a small-town song that fits into a much bigger world. ‘Flight’ is built on jazz sensibilities, which are distorted to flicker like city lights – all stripped down and nocturnal. It’s shockingly sophisticated, and proves once again that DIY music doesn’t lack – but instead thrives – in quality and style. 

Yellow Café are nothing if not dedicated. That, along with their naked talent, certifies that they are the rightful heirs to the UK anti-pop throne. Listen to ‘Flight’ right here.

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