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Luke Redmond’s delicate new EP ‘Cosimo’

Cosimo is the sophomore EP of Luke Redmond. It sees him move away from the hypnotic guitars of 2016’s Last Stage to Gold Canyon and into a fuller but more calm sound, incorporating elements of genres such as dream pop and jazz along the way.

The composer says the songs were inspired by his time in Rome, each one representing a different part of the city, and that the EP is a way of creating a psychological and emotional map that he can revisit.

Opening track ‘On This Hill’ does a good job of immediately differentiating itself from Last Stage to Gold Canyon by delivering a more relaxed, dreamy sound. Cosimo feels like it has crafted an eternal summer.

‘Isola’ is about as close to lounge music as the EP strays, the delicate plucking of guitar strings falling into the background. ‘Fiori (in Venice Square)’ and ‘Via Argentina’ are both mellow affairs, working through the a rather delicate, almost folky atmosphere.

The EP feels like it could sit comfortably within the soundtrack of 2017’s Call Me By Your Name, it captures the spirit of youthfulness as well as go with the flow vibe. Overall, it’s just the thing to cure your winter blues.

Listen to the Cosimo EP right here.

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