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Paris Youth Foundation’s incredible new single ‘Look What You Started’


Following on from 2018’s ‘Jessica’, Paris Youth Foundation have released ‘Look What You Started’ today, as part of their upcoming Nights Are For Thinking About You EP which is due out in the coming months.

The single is easily my favourite thing Paris Youth Foundation has released to date. It captures all the things the band do well, taking on the bittersweet love that tells the story of the likes of ‘Jessica’ and ‘The Off Button’ whilst keeping the soaring, anthemic choruses that makes them such a popular live band.

‘Look What You Started’ solidifies Paris Youth Foundation as ones to watch this year. It’s easy to see that they’re going to be making waves in the festival circuit this summer if singles such as this are anything to go by. There’s a lot of promise in this band.

Frontman Kevin Potter says ‘Look What You Started is “about forgetting the world for the night. Reminiscing with someone you shouldn’t be reminiscing with. In the middle of a bar in the middle of the night. Asking yourself whether they will still love you when their sober. And knowing the answer.”

Listen to ‘Look What You Started’ right here.

Featured Image: Sophie G Photography

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