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SWEARS come out fighting on ‘Subliminal’


Middlesbrough based four piece SWEARS are back today with new single ‘Subliminal’. This comes as their fifth single, but first of 2019. SWEARS are known for their ability to mix elements of rock, punk, grunge and even pop together to form their trademark sound.

‘Subliminal’ is packed from start to finish with a big beat that no doubt is going to cause a stir among crowds at gigs, not to mention the ‘nanana’ that they open on. It feels like a cross between My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days, and Black Sabbath’s ‘Children of the Grave’. Undoubtedly ‘Subliminal’ will be a big hitter.

The band have said that ‘Subliminal’ is about the way in which we absorb attitudes and opinions from an invasive, all pervasive media, which reaches into our lives, distorting our image of ourselves and those around us.

Listen to ‘Subliminal’ right here.

Featured Image: Izak Jackson

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