Matt Dunbar and the Autonomous Collective gently rock Little Buildings


Little Buildings is just lush, you walk in and it’s like walking through the threshold of your own gaff. It just feels like home. So naturally, it was the perfect place for the warm, homely tunes of Matt Dunbar, now with the help of the Autonomous Collective.

The night was opened beautifully by Alex Kirtley, Dolan Springs and Mahatma Raindrop who all offered their own dose of homespun magic. Dolan Springs had the same sardonic humour that makes Matt Dunbar quite so relatable. Mahatma Raindrop did a wonderful job of making the room feel about 10 times warmer just with how lovely and fuzzy their tunes are. An ABBA cover doesn’t go a miss either.

Matt Dunbar’s set hit the spot just right. With the Autonomous Collective, his music completely changes. The likes of ‘Hanover’ suddenly feel bigger and grander, almost cinematic set under the twinkling fairy lights backdrop.

The song ‘Coffee’ is a really sweet moment in the set. It was written for Holly Rees (who’s currently off living the dream in Canada) so a live stream was set up for her to watch it from half way across the world. Everyone has a giggle at how she can still cry at it from half the world away but it really is testament to Matt’s songwriting ability and human touch.

My personal favourite from the night is ‘Ghost’. It’s perfectly sad, talking about trying to feel close to a deceased loved one through their voicemail. Both times I’ve heard it live I’ve welled up. Whilst the band build up the atmosphere, in this song Matt is audibly emotionally wrought.

Finishing on ‘Home’, an ode to his home county of Northumberland, spirits are high through the final chorus. Matt Dunbar and the Autonomous Collective soared in Little Buildings, giving everyone a good reason to spend their Friday night in such good company.

Listen to Matt Dunbar right here.

Featured Image: Will Gorman

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