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Ten Eighty Trees roar on new single ‘LIP SERVICE’

Straight from the metallic, industrial landscape of the outskirts of Newcastle are Ten Eighty Trees. Having toured with the likes of King No-One and AllUsInLove, they’ve established an unshakeable reputation for hard-hitting, infectious tunes. 

Their first single of 2019, ‘LIP SERVICE’ was reared in an expansive factory space, and reflects this in its auditory brutalism. Ten Eighty Trees take aim at sycophants who use their charm to gain advantage, all under snarling guitars and an assault of drums.

The lead vocals were primed for this genre: rich and distinctly menacing. ‘LIP SERVICE’ is an incredibly immersive track, not so much washing over you as drowning you in their wall of noise. 

‘LIP SERVICE’ is only the first of a train of releases for 2019 which will see Ten Eighty Trees emerge from underground obscurity and become a headline mainstay for the north. 

Listen to ‘LIP SERVICE’ right here.

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