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Laurens Court deliver an unhinged masterpiece at Surf Cafe

Slurs open the show with their own quirky brand of punk. They deliver a rousing set that gets the crowd beginning to move. To their credit Slurs play through not one, but two guitar strings snapping which isn’t an easy feat through such a storming set.

Next up are Feral Family who travelled all the way up from Sheffield for the occasion. With a bit of Yorkshire charm and some big tunes they seem to leave a last impression on the growing crowd.

Casual Threats capture the now noticeably bigger crowd’s attention. Then again it’d be hard not to when the bassist, Bazz, has a penchant for wandering into the crowd and even out the shop for a breather in the final song of their set. They’re positively enthralling to watch, it’s not surprising that they’ve got a reputation round Newcastle for being one of the best live bands.

When Laurens Court step up the the plate the atmosphere in the room changes. They open on their unhinged telling of ‘What a Wonderful World’ which sees frontman, Dylan, begin the stage breakdown with his erratic movement and wild stare. What becomes immediately clear from the outset is that this isn’t just an ordinary band.

As the set goes on it also becomes apparent that this is more than just music but rather an immersive experience. The more the willing crowd puts in, the more it receives. As Dylan stalks the front row, close enough to unnerve any passive spectator, he begins to go further down the rabbit hole, jerking his body to the beat and shuffling across the floor in a manner that makes Ian Curtis’ dancing look like something from a Smiths show.

Ending on ‘No One’, the final song from their debut album Introduction, the journey to the belly of the beast comes to a head. By taking the time to watch Laurens Court you open up to their world and their music clicks. This band are a phenomenon that have to be seen to be believed. You don’t want to be missing this.

Listen to Slurs, Feral Family, Casual Threats and Laurens Court if you fancy it, and be sure to check out the next Pillar Artists’ upcoming events right here.

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