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SPINN’s exciting news and new single


Liverpool’s approachable lads men have come out with some very exciting news. On Tuesday morning they announced their debut album, Spinn. This is a huge and very well deserved step forward for the band, who will also be touring the album around the UK and Europe, culminating in a massive headliner at Liverpool’s O2 Academy.

With the news has come the new single Is There Something I Missed?. The song is upbeat, jangly and feeling a little more mature than previous singles. There’s a definite The Smiths vibe about this one with the classic pairing of Johnny Quinn’s reflective lyrics, mellow voice and Andy Powers’ silky guitar. The band prove time and time again an incredible ability to update elements and bands of the 80s and 90s that seemed timeless already.

Spinn’s album is no doubt going to be very exciting, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks. Listen to Is There Something I Missed? right here and be sure to go pre-order the album! Have a read of our interview with them here too.

Featured Image Credit: Sam Crowston

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