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Deep.Sleep get serious on new track ‘Drive’


After a whirlwind few weeks at Deep.Sleep’s camp that involved a trip to The Netherlands for a string of shows and will be finishing on March 8th with a huge hometown show at Cluny 2. In the middle they’re releasing ‘Drive’ today.

The single is a little different to previous Deep.Sleep singles. Less bouncy and more anthemic, the lyrics dive into the world of drugs, mental health and navigating expectations within the industry. Frontman Dan Frend even tackles the task of a monologue which is honest, and brutally so at times, but feels so necessary.

Speaking on the song, Deep.Sleep said: “It’s a real social commentary on how we see the world at the moment and how everything we consume, in order to create as artists ourselves, is ultimately at risk of going under due to social pressure and the expectations that society can have on an individual, never mind a massive rockstar like Mac Miller or Lil Peep.”

“You can’t say ‘don’t do drugs’ anymore because that makes it rock and roll to do so, instead, I think it’s about raising awareness of the consequences of substituting serotonin with something that gives off the same effect, but on a short term basis. That’s what it really boils down to. It’s about the fact that when it comes to mental health, it’s never too late until it’s too late to get help”

This is a huge step in Deep.Sleep’s career. ‘Drive’ proves that they are able to deliver complex pop, and to do so with the subject matter at hand is no easy feat. Listen to ‘Drive’ right here, and grab a ticket to their Cluny 2 headliner here too.

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