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The Pale White pull it out the bag for ‘Medicine’


With each new release that comes I become more and more convinced that this is The Pale White’s world and we’re all just living in it. This newest single ‘Medicine’ blows everyone else out of the water. Honestly tap a vein because you’re gonna want this one on a drip.

The single is massive, roaring from the offset. The riffs are menacing whilst Adam Hope’s vocals soar into the chorus and the bassline has a Zeppelin shuffle to it. Lyrically ‘Medicine’ follows the same dark themes as the majority of Take Me To The Strange, linking back strongly to ‘Panic Attack’.

They channel huge bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Nothing but Thieves to create a song worthy of the massive venues The Pale White are bound for in the future. Seeing this back in December for their huge hometown headliner was a treat to behold so no doubt you’ll need to hold onto your wig when they blast this through more intimate venues on their northern tour.

Listen to ‘Medicine’ right here and catch them on their UK tour, kicking off over the weekend in Glasgow.

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