Interview: We talk to Blood Red Shoes’ Laura-Mary about Get Tragic

You’ve been teasing Get Tragic for over six months, does it feel good to finally being able to show it to the world?

It’s been so great for it to finally be unleashed to the world. There is some sense of relief and so far the reaction has been amazing, it’s the best feeling!

You’ve said that this new music is a departure from your established sound, if you had to pitch your new sound to people how would you describe it?

This record is more slick and put together than our previous, it’s danceable but also darker and there’s synths and bass like a full band not a two piece. There are influences from prince to Janet Jackson to Nick Cave on Get Tragic it is fun and real and totally honest.

You spent time away from each other before writing this album. Do you think that the time apart did you good both personally and musically?

100% we needed to go experience some life outside of our Blood Red Shoes bubble. We hadn’t been apart for longer than a week for about 10 years. It was a great time for us to go off and explore music with other people and just do things separately. I think it helped us so much to have some perspective and a clear mind on what we should do next. It was a hard process but one that needed to happen for sure.

Has the time apart also inspired a new work ethic/the value of looking after yourselves? It’s becoming more and more common to see bands to take long breaks to avoid burning out.

I think we work maybe even harder now than we did but we have continued to have our own lives and friendship groups which I think helps with our sanity. I think we had our long break so we are happy to back playing and getting back into it.

Is it more scary or exciting to be pushing your comfort zone in this way?

We needed to get out of our comfort zone so yes I think it is exciting even if it was scary at first I am a big advocate to changing things up and trying not to be scared. You only have one life and so sometimes you’ve got to be fearless.

You go on tour just as Get Tragic is released, can fans expect to see a lot of new material in the set?

Yes, we are playing 6 or 7 new songs and as the year goes on and people hear the record we will add more new songs in, now we have extra members we can keep true to the recording and execute them much better live than if it were just the two of us.

What new songs are you excited to play live most and why?

I love playing ‘Elijah’ which is the last song on the album because the riff is just such damn fun to play and I enjoy singing it too.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2019?

Hopefully you will see a lot more from us, we are playing as much as we can and now we have some steam we need to continue with the momentum. Its great to be back!

Listen to Get Tragic right here.

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