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Hobby Club cover heartbreak in jangly pop on ‘Bedroom’


The jangly pop duo Hobby Club return ahead of their debut EP release next week with new single ‘Bedroom’. The pair revive dramatic vocals with the very precise, very British enunciation that made the likes of Morrissey so distinct.

The single is Beth’s account of heartbreak, turning you from a reasonable human being into a crumpled heap of gelatinous matter and tears, incapable of making a phone call or keeping track of your personal effects.” 

Joe sums up the song as a “by-product of a fleeting obsession with 80’s children’s tv show theme songs, especially Fireman Sam which has the most perfect guitar tone you could ever dream of” which is equally fitting of the incredibly cute and aesthetically pleasing artwork for the single.

He then goes to to say that:  “whenever I dip into the bad times, I always seem to counteract it by writing frustratingly happy songs, maybe in some vein attempt to reinterpret nostalgia into something that doesn’t leave a sour taste in the mouth.”

Listen to ‘Bedroom’ right here.

Featured Image Credit: Charlie Ratcliffe

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