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Only Shadows are storming on ‘At the Knocking Door’

Only Shadows are off to an incredible start in 2019, they’re currently on tour, have announced their debut album and happen to have released new single ‘At the Knocking Door’ just this past Friday.

‘At the Knocking Door’ is thunderous indie, thriving in it’s most upbeat moments whilst the lyrics tell the story of doubt and tough decisions in making an album, a lesser written topic.

“The song is a personification of the issues with anxiety we had when we were making big decisions with labels and stuff behind the scenes. It was a period when we had a decision to make, either write a debut album that we want to make and hope other people believe in it– or release one that other people wanted us to make” bassist Moffitt explains of the single.

Listen to ‘At the Knocking Door’ right here.

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