Deep.Sleep’s last dance at Cluny 2


There was a real sense of occasion in The Cluny 2 on Friday night, walking down the almost spiral staircase into the room there was a buzz the closer you got.

It has already been alluded to online that this would be the last Deep.Sleep gig for a while as they go away to pursue opportunities behind the scenes, yet no seemed sad. Not that it isn’t sad that there’ll be no getting down on the floor to ‘Soho’ for a while, but just that one big gig to send it off feels right.

Great Waves did the honours of warming up the crowd on yet another rainy night in town and delivered a frightfully upbeat set, sounding tighter and better than ever with the addition of their new drummer, Dan. Great Waves are a band that truly have to be seen to be believed because their energy is like no other band around the North East at the moment.

Following on from that came Cohesion, who are already favourites round town for their chilled out Foals-like indie. Everyone in the room took a bit of time to just sit back and let their chilled out vibes wash over them. The only way to rightfully describe Cohesion is just full, unadulterated bliss.

It finally reached that point in the night and Deep.Sleep arrived on stage, Dan in his finest 96’ Newcastle shirt. The band and their music usually have a formidable cool about them but on Friday, in that cosy little sweaty basement it felt like a warm hug. Bouncing between material old and new, it’s clear they were out to celebrate everything Deep.Sleep have been.

The new songs like ‘Drive’ and ‘Mathilda’ stand out in the set but there’s a bittersweet love for the likes of ‘Slowdown’ as it became apparent that it would be the last time to see them in their current format, bidding farewell to their drummer Conor McBride who’s been there for a good chunk of the modern history of Deep.Sleep.

As the gig winds down to the final few songs things get a little more sad going into ‘Soho’ and ‘1994’ for what could be the final time in a while, everyone gets down on the floor for that glorious final chorus of ‘Soho’.

It’s one hell of a high to go out on as one person in a gimp suit and another in a dinosaur onesie dance in the middle of the floor before the photographer takes the dinosaur on his shoulders for a line or two. Deep.Sleep asked for one final party and that’s exactly what they got.

Listen to Great Waves here, Cohesion here, and Deep.Sleep right here.

Featured Image: Jay Dawson

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